Common Myths About Metal Roofing Dispelled

Metal roofs are growing in popularity among residential property owners, however, some folks may be still unsure about their efficiency. This is attributed to common myths surrounding their function and appearance. In the present article, we’ll dispel the most common misconception on metal roofing:

Myth No.1: Metal Roofs Are Noisy

Since this type of roof is made of metal shingles, many mistakenly think that they will be very loud during rainfall. However, this isn’t the case as metal roofs are actually less noisy compared to typical concrete shingle roofing. Unlike their concrete counterparts, metal roofs have a steady protective overlay that controls noise output.

Myth No.2: Metal Shingle Roofs Are Not Appealing

Many people imagine metal roofs as those ugly old-school tin roofs found in factory buildings. However, thanks to the progress of technology, metal roofs have evolved and today we have a wide array of styles and textures–some are so good that they look similar to conventional roofs. Furthermore, metal roofs are available in broader color and texture collections compared to concrete roofs. Whether you have a rustic or modern style home, you may get a metal roof to enhance your home’s style very easily.

Myth No.3: Metal Roofs Are Costly

While the price you’ll pay for getting a metal roof is initially higher, they provide a greater return of investment than concrete shingle roofs. Due to the fact that they are stronger, they need less maintenance work. Furthermore, they have a lifespan of up to 50 years which is more than 2X that of a concrete roof.