Homeowners: How To Figure Out If You Require A New Roof Or A Roof Fix?

You’ve just noticed an empty spot on your ceiling or water is leaking through the roof. What can you do now? depending on its material, a roof can last around 30 years or even more, but your roof can be ruined and break down early due to falling dirt, wind, storms, or ice. Skeleton problems with roof ventilation, flashing and chimney issues may also ruin the entire roofing structure.

But when you notice something off, do you need to get a new roof or can you go for a roof fix?

It depends on several factors.

What is your roof’s age?

In case your roof is up to 20 years old, it is logical to check if the damage is minor and can be fixed, since your roof may be in service for another 10 years or so. However, if you are having major and widespread issues with your roof and its expiry date is approaching, it may be best to get a new one.

What kind and level of damage does your roof have?

In case you only miss a shingle or two due to heavy wind or accumulated debris, replacing the shingles will suffice. However, if many shingles have fallen off, if they are rolling and buckling, or if their granules are missing, you better invest in a new roof.

What are your budget & needs in the long-run?

Smaller fixes are usually less costly. If a mere replacement or patch can fix the issue, that’s fine but a “fix it now and forget it later” action may work better otherwise.

Extra Roofing Considerations

If your roof requires more than a single patch, you still have some choices. If the damage is noticed only to one part of a roof, you may go for a partial re-roofing project. However, if we consider that a partial re-roofing is placed and charged per square, you will end up paying more than a total reroofing job. Furthermore, a partial re-roof may not match well the original parts of the roof.