Commonly Asked Questions About Initial Roof Replacement

If this is your first time getting a full roof replacement, it’s natural to feel worried about the unfamiliar steps of the process. Since most homeowners who are getting a full roof replacement for the first time keep asking roofing experts the same or similar questions, we have gathered the most common ones below:

Should I Go For Repairs Instead Of A Full Replacement?

This is based on the specific state of your roof. However, in most cases, if there is leakage in a separated area, getting a minor repair is enough. In case the damage is all over the place, however, it’s best to go for a full replacement of your roof. A Vista roofing contractor is going to carry out the inspection to gauge the state of your roof and provide you with a proper evaluation of all necessary work.

Can I Add A New Roof Over My Current One?

Yes, you can do that, however, for maximum functionality, we suggest that you detach your current roofing first. In case there are problems with the roof bed, we won’t be in a position to determine the issue if we just add another roof on top.
Can I Attach A New Roof During the Winer?

Yes, you can certainly do this. As top roofing experts, we can set-up, maintain, and fix roofing systems throughout the entire year which is totally convenient if you wish to do some repairs in the off-seasons.

Can I Select A Different Material For My Roof?

Generally speaking, this will vary according to the slant of your current roof. Concrete shingle roofs for example can host metal roofing systems and conversely as well. Specific materials e.g slate need higher slants and may, in turn, need a new or adjusted roofing system. Our expert roofers can offer your plenty of choices and a proper evaluation after an initial consultation.

What Types of Warranty Do You Cover?

Our warranties cover both the craftsmanship and construction materials, the scope of which varies based on the kind of roof. For instance, the “GAF GOLDEN PLEDGE LTD WARRANTY” comes with a 50-year long coverage on used materials and up to 25 years of craftsmanship as well as up to 130mph wind speeds (equal to Rank 3 hurricanes), among other aspects.

How Do You Remove Debris Following Installation? What Can You Do With the Previous Roof?

We pull off every remaining of the detached roofing and utilize some magnets to collect every roofing nail that was knocked-off to the ground. Some materials e.g concrete, metal, and paper can be recycled so we pick them up and forward them to the respective recycling units. Only a minor portion of the detached roofing will end up in a dumping ground.